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Forskolin Extract vs Green Coffee Bean Extract – Which has more benefits?

Forskolin and green coffee bean extracts are two of the top nature-based contenders when it comes to weight loss. Studies abound on the weight reducing properties of both extracts and how they interact with other substances like the extracts of Garcinia cambogia to effect weight loss. Forskolin and green coffee have similarities in terms of effects, mode of action and overall benefits, which often leads many users to wonder if there exists a significant difference between using one over the other. Read on to learn more.

Forskolin Extract vs Green Coffee Bean Extract – Which has more benefits?

It is an extract from the Indian coleus plant which is a member of the mint family. Medically, it is used for its anti-blood clotting effect and in promoting normal blood flow. Studies have also shown that the extract has an effect in the promotion of lean body mass and in the overall reduction of body weight and fat. Two reputable studies, the first one done in 2005 and the other in 2014, involved giving test subjects oral doses of forskolin and administering forskolin on rat subjects for 10 weeks. The study revealed that it prevented weight gain. The administration of the extract was believed to have an effect on body composition, lowering overall body fat percentage and fat mass. Subjects also show an overall decrease in bone mass and testosterone levels in the blood of test subjects.

Specific benefits of this extract include naturally low levels of caffeine, its ability to supports a healthy body weight, lower fat and sugar levels,and its minimal side effects. Subjects also reported feeling less fatigue and hunger, as well as reduced frequency of feelings of fullness, all of which help promote weight loss. Supplementation with the supplement was also not associated with any untoward side effects. The studies revealed that although forskolin does not ‘melt away fat‘ as commonly advertised, it does have a significant effect on preventing weight gain and contributes other health benefits such as better blood pressure regulation, prevention of certain cancers, glaucoma and other conditions. Read our reviews of forskolin extract to learn in detail about how it works.

Coffee bean extract comes from green coffee beans that have not yet been roasted. Green beans naturally contain chlorogenic acid which is credited with weight loss properties. Clinical trials offer encouraging evidence that taking green coffee bean extract with caffeine supports weight loss. One study involving 16 participants monitored over 22 weeks under a program of green coffee bean extract and exercise showed an average loss of 17 pounds which translated to a 10% decrease in body weight and a 16% decrease in body fat.

Other studies have shown that the extract can slow down fat absorption and stimulate the activation of fat metabolism in the liver, making it effective for those who prefer to maintain a varied diet that contains healthy amounts of fat. Chlorogenic acid has been found to hinder glucose absorption, induce fat loss by increasing body metabolism, making it suitable for those who need effective sugar regulation. The extract’s anti-oxidant properties have also been shown to prevent the creation of new fat cells.

Chlorogenic acid is not absorbed by the small intestine and can bind with fat to prevent its absorption into the bloodstream. This weight-gain preventive aspect coupled with fat burning ability make green coffee bean extract a suitable option for weight reduction in pre-obese adults.

Overall Comparison

Forskolin extract shows promise not just in weight prevention but also in the regulation of blood pressure and in the effective prevention of other conditions such as cancer and glaucoma. However, it is not shown to possess any effective fat burning properties, something that green coffee bean extract can do. Green coffee bean extract increase the body’s metabolic rate, increasing thermogenesis and the burning of fat cells, making it effective for fat cells that have already formed. It also has properties that prevent the formation of new fat cells.

Both extracts come with specific benefits and advantages that may suit different users. Although they have weight reduction properties, they work differently and therefore users with specific conditions other than obesity may benefit from the specific benefits and advantages that one has over the other. Users also have the option of supplements containing a mix of forskolin and green coffee bean extracts to take advantage of the benefits of both.


Coleus Forskohlii And Weight Loss – Truth Or Hype?

Nowadays, most people are grasping for any product they believe will help them shed pounds of fat. The dr oztruth is that some substances work, while others can be quite harmful to their health. Prescription medications are known to have harmful side effects. Therefore, it is advisable to use natural alternatives. Unfortunately, not all natural products are safe to use. A new entrance to the weight loss supplements is Coleus Forskohlii. The herb has been in use for many years. The herb was first discovered in tropical climates of India. It is used for various medical practices, but has been found to be more effective to promote weight loss.

One of the questions asked by most people is coleus forskohlii and weight losstruth or hype? First, it is important to know how this herb works. The herb is able to promote release of Lipase. This is a fat burning enzyme. This helps one lose weight permanently. In addition, it helps boost the metabolic rate and breaks down the stored fatty tissues. It has also been found to increase the insulin levels in the blood, which aids in uptake of nutrients.

Use of forskolin leads to increase in levels of adenylate cyclase enzyme. This is the enzyme that is credited with natural burning of the unwanted fats in the body. For instance, it activates protein kinase in your body and thereby stimulating release of cAMP that breaks down fatty acids. Regular use of the supplement increases production of enzymes, which are involved in digestion and absorption of the food particles. You are therefore able to get more nutrients from the food you take. This will help you feel more energetic during the harder workout sessions.

Coleus Forskohill side effects

A number of people who have used this product for weight loss have noticed pretty results. It is advisable to use it for three months. However, some studies show that the ingredients it contains can result in metabolizing a number of medications. For safe use, it is important to consult your doctor if you are suffering from any terminal illness such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or if you are pregnant. If you are breastfeeding you should avoid its use.

Research results

Forskolin has been found to create a natural tendency in the body to eliminate excess weight and fat. This is highly effective product in any slimming program. It should be combined with the training program and diet, in order to deliver incredible results. In a couple of weeks, you will see the body fat melting away very fast. If you love slim fit jeans, you will be glad to use this product. Most importantly, it stops the fat from coming back. So whatever you have lost, you will have lost it forever.

forskolin dosage


Forskolin is usually available in liquid and tablets form in variety of dosages. Common dosage includes 50 mg standardized for 18-percent forskolin. However, the current research is not sufficient to determine the right dosage depending on the amount of weight you want to lose. Read more about it at

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