Forskolin has become one of the most popular weight loss supplements being sold on the internet today. Itsforskolin supplements popularity can be largely attributed to Dr. Oz’s endorsement of this extract terming it “lightning in a bottle”. Millions of weight loss enthusiasts have since been trying to access the supplement to help them shed some extra pounds. As with every hyped natural weight loss supplement, chances of scam artists catching on to unsuspecting consumers are real with forskolin. Many unsuspecting consumers have fallen prey to unscrupulous online retailers selling fake forskolin. Besides losing money, they end up losing trust in an otherwise effective weight loss supplement. If you don’t want to be part of this group, here’s how to avoid fake forskolin supplements.

Make Use of Consumer Reviews

It can be tempting to buy the first bottle of forskolin you come across on the internet. This however increases the risk of being scammed. If you find a product, make sure to read consumer reviews about it. Get to know whether the pill is as effective as its manufacturer claims. A word of caution though. Be careful when checking out reviews. No product is perfect and a supplement whose reviews are 100% positive with no one claiming to have noticed a disadvantage about it are likely to be fakes.Only buy from websites which display contact details. Retailers who display their contact details are more likely to be legit. It’s one way of telling you that you can trust the products they are selling and, can contact them in case you have any problems. In addition, the contact details can come in handy if you want to make another order for forskolin supplements.

Look at the Seller’s History

The best places to buy your forskolin is from online retailers that have a history selling other legit weight loss supplements. Some retailers are actually selling forskolin alongside other supplements. If the retailer is relatively new or, sells forskolin exclusively, customer reviews will help you know whether their product is genuine or not.

Check Out Information Given about The Supplement

One of the reasons why there are many forskolin fakes is the lack of FDA regulation. This means that manufacturers aren’t obliged to provide ingredient details on their packaging. However, manufacturers of genuine weight loss supplements always ensure that their customers know what they are taking by printing the supplement’s ingredients on the packaging. To ensure that you get the genuine thing, always buy pills whose ingredients are explicitly printed on the bottle’s sticker.In addition to display of the ingredients, genuine supplements also contain a least 50% forskolin. The percentage composition should also be indicated. You can read more about it in our mega forskolin guide hereĀ

Place of Manufacture

Avoid forskolin that’s manufactured outside the US. The reason for this is that US manufacturers often have to comply with strict GMP standards and often manufacture their supplements in FDA approved labs. Read through the lines Many sales pages selling this supplement are usually filled with colourful language that’s meant to make the sale. No matter how attractive the language, always make sure to read through the content and get the important facts. Such facts include whether the supplement is good for you, possible side effects, return policy and how to use forskolin to get the best results.